Jonathan Burns, September 19 2022

Vital welcomes 300 INFiLED DB2.6 LED Tiles to our growing Inventory!

Over the past year, one of the biggest requests has been LED wall elements to shows. The need has grown exponentially since the return from the Pandemic and we don't see that trend going away any time soon.

We heard our clients and made the committment to purchase 300 INFiLED DB2.6 LED Tiles to our growing Inventory and we couldn't be happier!

"The InFilLED 2.6 tiles will be a game changer for our clients!  With the ability to do straight or curved-wall configurations, this wall will allow us to bring our clients creative vision to reality.  In addition to our panels, InfiLED has a huge cross-rental network to expand our capabilities if need be." 

       - Brian O'Neal, V.P. of Technical Operations

In addition to the 300 LED tiles we also purchased four Novastar MCTRL 4K processors to allow for total customization and mapping of our  wall from our existing Barco E2 switching systems.

Written by

Jonathan Burns

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